Premarital Counseling

Why premarital counseling?

Researchers report that 93% of Americans have a happy marriage as a life goal.

It's important for couples to invest in the future of their relationship by keeping the relationship strong and heading off communication problems and bad habits early on.

Why do couples get divorced?

Couples who divorce have typically become unhappy in their relationship due to negativity, unproductive fighting, disengagement from each other, hopelessness that things could get better, and fewer positive interactions.

This can set the stage for loneliness, frustration, avoidance, possible susceptibility to affairs, and divorce.


There's also a lot of myths around marriage. Do these sound familiar?

  • We are soul mates and best friends, so we shouldn't disagree with each other
  • The more in love we are the more likely the marriage will last
  • Love and passion are more important than skills in keeping a marriage strong
  • The more alike we are, the more likely the marriage will last
  • My parents stayed together, so we will too

Did you know that most couples have about the same amount of differences between them? It's how the conflicts are handled that makes the difference between a marriage that continues to be satisfying, and a marriage that tanks!


According to research done by Brigham Young University (Family Relations, April, 2003), couples who participated in premarital counseling education were:

  • observed to be more effective at resolving problems
  • reported a higher level of relationship quality
  • reported a higher sense of partnership
  • reported a higher level of adjustment to married life

How I work with couples

I cover these important areas when working with couples who are thinking about or planning on getting engaged, living together, or getting married :

  1. Simple testing on important relationship strengths, and areas that need improvement
  2. Coaching in sessions to make improvements
  3. Help with current conflicts in the relationship that could become bigger if not addressed early
  4. How to avoid the common destructive habits (as shown by research)
  5. Tips on how to keep your romantic spark alive...

Note: Though I practice non-secular counseling, my approach is compatible with many religions and spiritual practices. For specific religion-based counseling, you can contact your local church.

It can also make a wonderful wedding gift!

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